Monday, June 6, 2011

We always talk about the past but we never do anything about it" - anonymous <3

There’s that age-old saying “don’t say it unless you mean it.” Words are just sounds when there is no force of meaning behind them, no emotion carved out in between those letters, or sentiment imbued into every tick and curve of each character.

An empty cup is not a drink.
An empty book is not a story.
An empty heart is not living.

Empty words are not useful. Empty words cannot be properly imbibed by someone deprived and thirsting for your affection. Each word needs to be filled with some sort of sustenance in order for someone to consume them and be truly satisfied. Like a dictionary, the words you emit should come with their intended meaning. There should be no confusion behind your words. They should be composed of the writings of each heartbeat, making sure it bleeds semantics and fills your words with a voice wanting to express what your heart holds dear.

But it’s so much more than that.

Words can only go so far as they are willing to travel before they fall onto deaf ears or those who is not within earshot of your voice. Some may choose not to listen regardless of the sentiment in the form of desperation dripping from your heart.
Like a dictionary entry you need to provide an example. Your voice must be accompanied by proof of your meaning or else the voice will get drowned out by the crowd of memories where other similar voices reside.

Like a dictionary you must provide a meaning to your words in order to convey the genuineness of your heart along with an example in the form of action to prove their credibility.

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