Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Falling in love is nearly the same as the comparison of throwing a boomerang, once you throw it away from you, it will find itself to snake back into your hands and you will find yourself to catch it. As if you were falling from a hundred story building, it’s too late to regret what you’ve done once you’re only a foot away from the ground. Love, you can’t help it, by choice, if you consider to take initiative with your actions and walk away once you know you’re getting attached, you can just be smart and walk away. But most of us are the idiot ones, we all choose to stay and end up falling in love, we choose to love so unconditionally, we often forget about ourselves and lose the human being we were. We want to do everything for the person we love so much that, by the end of the day, you start to realize what kind of a monster you’re turning into and if you’re anywhere near having the abilities to be inhuman.

How is it possible? The one thing that is so abstract could affect us humans so much. I guess you can say that the things we cannot see could harm us more than the things that actually exists, I mean, at times we rather hurt ourselves physically than feel emotional pain, when clearly, pain is pain, and it’s inevitable, not much we could do about it but be strong and smile about it anyway.

We may never know it though, as much as we say we’re fine, the more we lie to ourselves, the more we kill ourselves slowly. If you’re going to kill yourself slowly, at least have some dignity in it you know? Don’t be pathetic and drown yourself in sorrows.

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