Thursday, February 3, 2011

I straight up HATE those who torture animals and I mean that with all harshness possible. I despise, I look down upon, I will forever walk across of, I do not favor one bit of those who aren’t animal friendly. Seeing pictures, anywhere, with people torturing animals disgusts me and I find those assholes very, very distasteful and a disgrace to humanity. Hense, A DISGRACE. And yes, I will admit that I’m talking shit and bashing on, or what you call ‘hating’ on a certain group of people and I could clearly care less. I discriminate that group of humans permanently and forever will hold my anger and hate towards them. Hate, as I’ve said before, obviously isn’t a ‘good’ thing to do but my ‘hate’ towards these people is more of a disgust, an emotion I feel towards something I do not like counting in my life. If you torture animals, you should be ashamed of yourself! Like man, what did those cute little creatures ever do to you?! If someone ever hurt or attempted to hurt my little doggie, I would hunt those muthafuckas down and burn down their house and hope they live in a cardboard box for the rest of their lives. Humans have no right to abuse animals, period. Dumb whores.

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