Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ten Things

1. i like you. a lot. a whole lot, like woah. and you don’t notice, which breaks my heart, but i don’t mind that because you make me happy enough just by being yourself to justify it all.

2. you’re a bitch and i hate you. that’s about it. you want to run me over and think i’m a home wrecker but i don’t give a shit because you’re ugly and jealous and i’ll always be better than you because i’m a descent person. i thought we could be friends and i wanted to, but you’re just too much of a hoe.

3. you’re a complicated little know too much about me. like we be cool and all but you have a tendency to be bi-polar so i’m worried about getting so close with you because i feel like it’s going to come back to get me. you’re a chill person and not gonna lie you’re not completely unattractive. idk why i’m always drawn to you, i actually have no idea how i feel about you if i really think about it.

4. i wish i was nicer to you. i know i have major attitude and after i snap at you i like kick myself for it, but that doesn’t make it any better. you’re just like me, we’re essentially the same person so i know we’re bound to fight a lot and i honestly love you a bunch but you’re just really selfish and clueless and annoying. neither of us have any patience or spend enough time with eachother so i guess that’s just the way it is. i’m really sporry though.

5. thank you. i never say that to you because it’s a cliche, but just thinking of you like makes me smile. i love you more than bit, you make me happier because you love me back and there’s never a dissappointment, only history, good memories and lots of it. you know me more than anyone in the world and i don’t really have anything to say to you considering you can read my thoughts. stay safe!

6. you’re too cute. i’m jealous of you sometimes because of how cute you are. i like how open you are and how you’re heart is made of gold. i think the fun has only just begun and i’m really happy we’ve stood by eachother through it all. it’s funny how protective we are of eachother :D

7. i don’t even want to write a little thing about you, the last thing you need is more attention. you need to grow the fuck up, stop being fake and judgemental of people, and see a goddamn therapist, like really, you’re verging on spencer pratt status. not cool, stop messing with my bitch, i don’t play that game, nigg.

8. i’m mad at you. i’m mad at you for dissing my taste in music, since it’s like a personal thing that’s dear to my heart and when i tell you my favorite song if you could not make fun of it that would be nice. i’m mad at you for being a bitch to my best friend, my best friend, she’s like numero uno, so if you’re going to make her feel uncomfortable, then you need to go away. i’m mad at you for telling the girl i hate the most my biggest secret, like i really trusted you and told you the one and only secret i had, and you told my fucking enemy,cool. like i shouldn’t have trusted you in the frst place, but i did and you should have respected that and kept your mouth shut, i trust people too easily, bu you whould have known better. you’re really awkward.

9. you’re hilarious. you’re just a funny funny funny person. you’re a hottie with a body and a great friend. i like how good you are at messing with people. you’re a moody little man sometimes and a bit of a diva but i don’t think anyone can ever not love you.

10. i hope everything will be okay with you. in my head i’ve always seen you as indestructable and sarcastic and stubborn and funny and amazing, so seing you all quiet and grey and sad and imoble makes me want to cry. i guess i just never realised that people don’t stay healthy forever and these kinds of things are bound to happen, but it’s the most tragic thing to see your face so blank. we really need you to hold us together, so stay tough and i love you. you’re not going anywhere

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