Monday, September 27, 2010


So, I think I should really stop everything before I end up hurting him. I don't even want to be with any guy right now or to even deal with any other guy actually. I think it's cause I love my self too much to even care about someone else other than myself. Ya what ever, I'm selfish but to be honest I am. I admit I'm a prideful person and I admit that my pride is the reason why most of my relationships end. Yet, I would rather take my pride than to lower it to someone who I don't even love that much and make myself look like a desperate person in front of everyone. NU UH! . I guess what I am trying to say is... YES my pride gets in the way of my relationships but I know someday when I find the right one, he will be the one who I will be willing to put my pride on the line. Meaning, I will be willing to do it without a heavy heart but also without getting mad at that person. And when that that day comes I will realize that I AM TRULY, MADLY and DEEPLY IN LOVE with this guy because he is the only one who I am willing to put my pride down to. But, I'm not hoping for this to even happen right now since I really need to focus on school first.

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