Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Space.. ya diiig?

You don’t have to be together all the time to keep your relationship intact. Be together yet give space to each other, so you can want to be together even more. Encourage each other to spend time for the things they like. Let your partner have fun, they need a social life. If you trust them, then it shouldn’t be a problem. There has to be an open positive exchange of trust. If you keep asking questions and always trying to keep an account of what they’re doing then you are actually not giving them space. There should be openness in your relationship so that both can spend time on their own without the guilt of ignoring each other. It has to be a mutual agreement.

Never deprive yourself of the things you like as you will never be happy with yourself and your partner. You need to love yourself first before you love somebody else. When you do the things you like, you become the individual that your partner loves you for. Give space to yourself and don’t lose your identity. All of us need time to understand and know ourselves better, to do the things we enjoy. It is the key to a healthy relationship. How can you miss your lover when you are always clinging to each other? You have to be apart to miss each other and know the depth of your love. It is only when you are away from your lover, when you realize how much you love and need them

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