Saturday, March 5, 2011

You're a FLIRT
If you truly like someone, you don’t just flirt, you listen. You learn. You smile. You laugh. You remember. You appreciate. You fall. You feel. Flirting is not an indication of liking someone; flirting is just one aspect of it.

You can tell when someone likes you beyond one aspect. They will go above and beyond just a smile or a hug. A kiss would be too much because you are something special. But above and beyond like when you’re caught humming Dream’s verse “You got me walkin’ on the moon” all off-key and so what? They’ll do unexpected things for you. Unexpected leaps of faith that cause your stomach to leap as well.

You will just feel this bond. A bond that’s tighter than when you accidentally get your fingers stuck together with Crazy-Glu, except for this bond doesn’t freak you out as much. A bond created through late-night phone calls and your first “no, you hang up!” war. Proceeded with good morning texts where you catch your own bluff like..

“Hello, I kind of miss you.” sent @ 9:14am
“Okay, I lied. I miss you a lot.” sent @ 9:15am

Yeah, you try to be so sLick, but that L makes you sick in Love. A bond cherished by your endless sequence of thoughts about that single person. On your mind day and night, better than any Kid Cudi rhyme. High off love, better than anything Cudi’s been on. Addicted? Not really; more like treated. Treated by a prescription you’ve needed to cure all life’s insanities. Passion’s “tylenol when I’m in pain.”

A bond ignited by sparks larger than any fireworks you’ve seen. Disneyland at 9:30pm has got nothing on you, and neither does Ms. Perry. Yet, you start to believe it when she tells you you’re living a teenage dream. You’ll tingle more than when you fall asleep on your arm and you can’t feel it in the morning. (Honestly, I kind of get scared when that happens because sometimes I feel like it’s someone else’s arm in my bed O.O…)

Admit it now or never, you experience those famous butterflies that make your stomach drop faster than that first drop off Goliath. You don’t really notice you’re falling 3,000 feet from the sky. Gravity, “stay the hell away from me.” So jumping out of planes won’t matter. All that matters is them. More matter than you could ever feel tangibly. You could touch all the objects on this earth and feel more with them in just an hour. Better yet, you can feel them without even touching.

If you feel like this, you aren’t just flirting. This could be the real thing. This might be what they call love.

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