Monday, January 31, 2011

May these words be one's wisdom
Not being close to someone in the same way you were in the past doesn’t mean you’ve lost the person. Neither you nor I own anyone; therefore, we cannot lose them. Everything is temporary. Even those we love who we feel will be by our side for eternity may remain in our hearts forever, but they cannot remain with us forever. We are constantly being faced by individuals who will cause us to challenge our own strength of character. In life we are placed in-front of an audience and watched by thousands of gimlet-eyes, critically determining and predicting how we will react to each circumstance. Strength is not shown through physical features or intellectual capabilities but one’s ability to stay true to themselves. Do not allow yourself to be discouraged by those who too in turn are disappointed with life. Appearances are deceiving. The arrogant and the proud doubt in themselves more than those lacking in self esteem. The insecure are revealed through their false exterior. Both are as vulnerable as the rest of us. The courageous are revealed through their honesty and ability to take that extra step. There is no easy way out and no ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. Life is a battle and we are the battle ground. The fight is not in the world but within us, and only once we have won over ourselves, can we conquer other challenges. Yes, time will tell, but gain comfort in knowing that time is only the way in which we measure our progress. And thus, for as long as the world is here we have all the time in the world.

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