Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love Easy
How can some people say they don’t regret their mistakes? It’s something you did consciously, and you don’t want to show remorse for your actions? Having regrets is not about being weak, it’s about being sincere and actually having concern for those you may have hurt or sorry for promises you may have broken. Regretting doesn’t always mean you want to take back the lesson you’ve learned. You may wish to go back and change your ways, but still with the lesson of what you did wrong imprinted in your mind. Otherwise you wouldn’t know how to change the second time, right? I’m not saying regret every little mistake in your life, but having some regret for the bigger mistakes in your life is only natural and human.
Living life with no regrets at all is just a catch phrase. Being sorry for what you’ve done shows you have a heart. It means more to me for someone to have a heart than any saying could ever amount to.

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