Monday, December 6, 2010

Will explanation work it out?
Let the southeast breeze blow the dry leaves away whenever your back yard has been full of them. Let it make a path through your bedroom’s door when it’s slightly open, even though you’ll close it again whenever you find the clock shows it’s been midnight. So at least, just let it come and goes.

I know someone’s coming for you always, and I could see you’re craving it too, however. So let me whisper you gently a few meaningful words whenever we find our favourite sunset meaningfully warms us enough.

Well, I’m good enough at holding things on. I’m good at holding my desires on, where I know they’re gonna ruin my happy days so soon.

I’m doing this because, nothing more than lessen your burdens and let me enjoy my happy days.

And who knows I could change the way you think, it ain’t impossible, eh? it’s one of my big dreams, however.

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