Thursday, December 16, 2010

heartache is meant to teach..
Even the relationships I never thought I could overcome, I have. I remember myself at the weakest points. The nights where I couldn’t even recognize the person I’d become. Those nights were my worst. I failed myself in more ways than one by letting someone come into my life and completely destroy every value that belonged to love for me. People always tend to remember what traumatizes them most. It gets embedded into our system because of the pain it carries. All those nights twisted up, lost, and 3,000 miles away from contentment. We’ve all been there.

But heartache is meant to teach. It’s meant to define what is wrong from right. The despair leads to a lesson learned, and a lesson learned reaches for a stronger type of strength. The courage empowered by the need to overcome heartache teaches you to break the distress. Granted that being in a relationship tends to suffocate original solitude. Relationships hold you to a deep rooted dependency for that person. Then over the course of the months that you two stay separate, you regain the independence you had lost. It’s the cycle of life and love and all the emotions in between.

Try now to remember who you are and stop letting sadness block you from living for the better.

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