Wednesday, November 17, 2010

“i don’t need alcohol or drugs to have fun.”

Neither do I Sober McSobey.

But, guess what? It makes everything that much funner.

You know how people like you complain about how much it’s a shame to see your friends acting like stumbling idiots? Yeah? Guess what? Those moments create fucking memories that build strong bonds identical to the bonds you would create during sober moments.

Actually, no, that’s a lie. I would argue that the bonds you create while throwing up your insides bring you closer than an intense game of Scrable or Mahjong. Just saying.

So, lighten up and try it out before you knock it. I ain’t suggesting you go out and kill off your liver. Not at all. But a few shots never killed anybody… I think.

Just trust me on this. Trust me.

I have some great friends in my life. People that I can trust with my deepest problems and secrets. People that will have my back like I do theirs.

And, I can testify, that nights like this weekend’s bring us even together.

So, you should try it with your pals. Nothing to lose except a few pounds from throwing up… Right?

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