Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have you ever
.. felt the need to be sad, yet you don’t know what’s bugging you? When somebody asks if you’re okay, and you want to tell them, but you just don’t know how to react when they just say “oh…” When people tell you to vent, but they’re just speechless? Whenever you’re upset, but you can’t explain what the cause of your unhappiness is? Whenever a sad love song plays, you think of that one person, they pop up in your head, and you wonder why out of everyone, it was them? And most of all, have you ever felt the need to just break down, cry, be upset, and scream at everyone in your life, but you know you just cant? Why.. Sometimes the sadness just gets to the best of everyone. Some people just weren’t meant to be.. that’s what scares me most. Falling for the wrong person.

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