Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wake up and smell the roses
Keeping things together because of what “used to be” just isn’t worth it. You think of all the happy memories and times that you once shared together. You start thinking, that if you were that great together back then, then it can happen again. So you fight for the “what was,” but you never really realize that it’s the “right now” that’s important. And then you lose sight of reality and what’s really going on, since you’re still stuck in the past, living off memories and “has-beens.” Most of the time, things have changed and they’ll never really be what they once were. But sometimes, I get over the past, and I live in fear and paranoia about it happening again. Because not all memories are happy memories, right? And of course, the unhappy ones would be the ones that repeat themselves. Typical.

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