Thursday, October 28, 2010

I can feel your heartbeat
I’ve found that it`s a good thing to go through heartache at one point or another in your lifetime. Not the petty, childhood heartache. But the horrible kind we’ve experienced. But see, when you get to the healing part of this, you will have so much love to share with someone. You will be able to appreciate someone in ways even you cannot understand. You will be so much stronger than you were before. I know how much this sucks right now and I know it seems unfair, but when it’s all said and done with, this will all make sense. All this pain you are going through at this moment will eventually teach you some of the greatest lessons in life you will ever need to learn.
You can’t let yourself fall for the same shit over and over. you can’t allow it to trap you up, and suffocate you until you say what it wants you to say. you can’t allow yourself to say yes everytime and fall into its arms. you need to get a grip on yourself because each time you say yes, you know for sure it’s going to end up with tears on your side. you know it’s a constant cycle, and it’s bound to happen again. seriously, get a fucking grip on yourself and walk away when you still can. because it’s a monster. it can kill you. love doesn’t die, but it can kill you.

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