Friday, October 22, 2010

I hate when girls say that everything the guy told them was bullshit. Where they say they didn’t love them or that they must be glad that they’re crying.

No. Stop that. I’m a girl and I don’t believe that bullshit.

Sure, you’re crying, but just because he broke up with you doesn’t mean he wants you to be sad. No, he doesn’t. He wants you to be happy, but he has to make himself happy too. Most people tend to think that the other person is only thinking of themselves and why couldn’t they think of them too. Let me just say something:

Would you rather be with someone who doesn’t love you, but stays, or
Would you rather be broken up with when the feelings honest to God aren’t there anymore?

Sometimes the person who is broken up with is the selfish one.
The other person has to be happy, too, and sometimes, you’re own happiness must come before others. And that’s okay.

And SHUT UP, they did love you. Honest to God they did. I promise you they loved you. But people change and feelings fade, but be glad they had the courtesy to even break up with you. They could have just ignored you for weeks. They could have dragged it on and on and on and the only way you knew that you had broken up was because facebook notified you. He cared enough to tell you and you should understand that.

They did love you. But they have to love themselves, too.

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